Snapping Through Time – Rare Historical Pics! | n°35 #shorts

Journey through the lens of time, from a touching kiss under mistletoe in gas masks during the 1940s to the monumental construction of the Statue of Liberty in 1884. Experience a street scene in 1970’s New York, an Indian student’s life in Dresden circa 1951, and a thrilling encounter with the enigmatic Miss NASA and her RL-10 in the late ’60s. Traverse monumental moments like Junko Tabei reaching Everest’s summit in 1975 or relive the simplicity of Albert Einstein’s Californian ride in 1933. From the quaint charm of a tiny London Shoe Store in the 1900s to the bustling vibrancy of 1988 China train riders, this post encapsulates eras of riveting history and captivating emotion.

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